Our concept

The company established in 2001 to provide comprehensive services to agricultural producers, farmers and holdings for the collection and storage of cereals own harvesters CASE-2388.

With 2014ho was opened more areas to maintain producers of agricultural products - a maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery, supplies spare parts and materials

It is because we ourselves are a customer of spare parts and the seller - who does not like us to know that the market is most expedient and quality.

We suggest to you to use our experience and entrust us to solve your problems.

Our solutions

Knowing that the repair of the engine - it naybolyuchysha and the most expensive thing we started to import replacement parts CUMMINSE directly from the manufacturer. That allowed us to reduce the times their cost of repairs engines!
And this is what we offer our customers - save with us.

At the same time we offer spare parts from famous brands such as:
Wortington Parts - USA
Agri Parts Srl - Italy
Ri.Ma Group srl - Italy
Dixie Electric Ltd - Canada
Agrokom LTD - England
Tecnología Perez - Argentina
SPAREX - England
and many others....

through direct contracts with manufacturers of spare parts, we are able to keep the best quality for their products

Our services

Our mechanics have a vast experience in the repair and maintenance of various rural economic techniques, and eagerly vokonayut any repair or replacement node.
They can go directly to you, or to repair a specialized workshop.
provide recommendations for further operation and guarantees for work performed

for the task we have at disposal 11 CASE-2388 combines complete with grain reaper 2030 and kukuruznymy - GERINGHOFF Rota Disk


ваші потреби - наше рішення

тел.: 096-452-08-89; 099-511-88-08; дир.:067-636-20-99




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