Services company.

Service and repair of agricultural machinery

Our team of engineers will be glad to take your order or call, and ready vyihaty agreed with you in time and place to perform remotu, maintenance, diagnosis or preseason review.
All engineers have years of experience and a complete set of the required specialized equipment and facilities

or you can bring your vazol, box, motor, etc. - to our shop.
nabyra recent popularity of exchange defective parts in the fuel system recovery, which greatly saves your money!

You can send us to repair any carrier
(New Mail, Gunsel, Autolux, etc ...) your faulty node box, the engine for repairs - it also saves you money

all the details you can always agree to call our office

Sales of spare parts Cummins

We offer original spare dvynuniv Cumminse in nayavnostы in stock and on order

organized system of supply of spare parts commodity group allows us to assert that the US repair your engine will be cheaper and better than using low-grade substitutes or analogues of questionable quality.
direct delivery from the manufacturer and guaranteed quality repair of our specialists will be your faithful companion tractor or combine


Harvesting combines its own 400 hectares

Harvest Book service in advance
your service available eleven CASE-2388 combines with grain reapers models 2030 and Reaper corn Geringhoff Roto Disc
long experience has shown - that the harvest was vzayemlvyhidnym - load on the combine must be from 400 hectares, otherwise the cost of collection is growing!
Please consider this in your plans

Sales of spare parts of famous brands

We offer your choice of a wide range of spare parts from American, Canadian, European and British partners
After that you can just pick an optimal price / quality ratio on any product from our warehouse


ваші потреби - наше рішення

тел.: 096-452-08-89; 099-511-88-08; дир.:067-636-20-99




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